So what's it all about ???

My first introduction to the TR7 came in 1976, when my aunt took delivery of a Russet Brown fixed head. I can remember to this day playing with the pop up headlights. Then in 1980, the car was traded in for a brand new Persian Aqua drophead. Now this car I absolutely adored... Pop up headlights and a convertible - everyones dream surely !!! - Unfortunately these cars have long since gone (she traded the drophead for some Toyota thing... you may have heard of it... MR2 ???)

So, many years past and after moving to my current house (which I bought more for the 27ft long garage/workshop than the house), I was able to forfill a dream and in January 2002 I took ownership of my first TR7 - MEC944X, a rather tatty silver and blue Solihull built drophead. She was a non-runner but came with a spare engine and gearbox, so money changed hands and the car was towed home.

Now, most people would have been happy with that... but when I heard about a left hand drive TR7 for sale close to where I work, I had to investigate. Unfortunately (for my long suffering significant other), I had to have it based on the bodywork alone. I had never seen a TR7 with original paint under the bonnet and clean polished turrets !!! - Anyway, a deal was struck and MPB243V joined the fleet. The history of the car is a bit sketchy before 1990, but I think it was originally a Canadian model, which was then taken down to Texas, from where an American serviceman shipped it over to the UK when he was posted over here. The guy I bought it from picked it up in 1996 and restored the interior and a few other bits and pieces, but apart from that, she's pretty well original.

Over the coming months and probably years, I'll be carrying out work on the two cars, photographing and suggesting handy hints I've found or heard about. If you have a tip that may help someone out there, feel free to e-mail and I'll post it on the site.