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Welcome to our Triumph TR7 website. The plan is to make this a source of information for TR7/8 owners and enthusiasts, from detailing various projects we've undertaken (engine changes, welding etc.) to basic knowledge like paint codes etc. and links to specialists and other helpful resources. It is also a chance for you to add your two pennith…. If you have a useful tip not already on the site, send us an e-mail and we'll add it and if you want we'll name and shame you for your trouble. We own 4 TR7 drop heads between us: · a 1980 Canley built UK car (W reg) - purchased Dec 2001 by Darren. The car failed on the way home and resulted in a long AA relay being carried out and a lengthy V8 conversion project that is still on-going. · a 1981 Solihull built UK car (MEC 944X) - purchased Jan 2002 by Ellis. Had to tow the car home as the engine had a blown head gasket. After an engine change and a bit of a tune the car was on the road. The car is now undergoing a pretty extensive restoration. · a 1980 Canley built USA car (now converted to RHD) (re-reg 2001 - DVLA allocated an age related plate VV) - Purchased Jan 2003 by Darren. A completely rust free car was too much for Darren to turn down and following a flight to Scotland and a 700 mile drive back (which at least proved it was reliable) he is now the proud owner. · a 1979 Canley built Canadian car (LHD) (re-reg 1996 - DVLA allocated an age related plate MPB 243V) - Purchased May 2002 by Ellis. Another completely rust free car, still in left hand drive format. It's only fault….. it's vermillion….. you do get used to it… honest !!! Prior to these cars a number of fixed heads have also passed through our hands ….. Projects carried out to date · Engine change (standard) · Engine change (standard to Rover v8) · Front brakes upgrade (Princess 4 pot calipers) · Engine bay welding · Seat cover change · Hood change · Anti-dive kit · Headlight lifting problems Planned Projects · Full re-spray · Door re-skinning · Engine change (standard to 16v Sprint) · Sill replacement · Rear wing replacement · Front brakes upgrade (Capri 2.8i calipers) · Droopy DHC front bumper · Alloy wheel restoration